A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969)

Poor Charlie Brown. He can't fly a kite, and he always loses in baseball. Having his faults projected onto a screen by Lucy doesn't help him much either. Against the sage advice and taunting of the girls in his class, he volunteers for the class spelling bee...and wins! Next, it's the school spelling bee. Once again, a winner! Good grief! Now the pressure is on as he is off to New York City for the televised national spelling bee. With Snoopy and Linus present for moral support, can Charlie Brown spell his way to a national championship?
Genres:  AnimationComedyDramaFamilyMusical
Actors:  Peter RobbinsPamelyn FerdinGlenn Gilger
Directors:  Bill Melendez
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Charles M. SchulzCharles M. Schulz
Runtime: 1h 26min
Release: 4 December 1969
IMDb: 7.4

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