A Wrestling Christmas Miracle (2020)

An 11-year old phenom wrestler with an undefeated record, Kace Gabriel gives up the sport to write/direct a movie. He believes that if the film makes his best friend, Charlie, laugh on Christmas Day it will awake the boy from a coma. Kace's dad, Ajax Gabriel, an Olympian wrestler with a mysterious side career, supports his son's wish, cautioning that the friend may never come out of his slumber. A week before Christmas, the movie is produced - with Ajax and a zany cast of characters starring in it - ready to make all laugh. Ajax departs to Africa, where he headlines The Christmas Coup in the Congo, a wrestling tournament that has him scheduled to return on Christmas, just in time for the movie presentation to Charlie. Instead of all going as planned, however, the sole hard drive containing the movie is stolen by disgruntled, bumbling actors. And The Christmas Coup in the Congo turns out to be a real coup with the overthrow of the country's communist dictator - and with Ajax being ...
Genres:  ComedyDramaFamilySport
Actors:  Blaise BenevengaChristian BoraoMatthew Borao
Directors:  Chris T. Anthony
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Ken Del VecchioBuddy Fitzpatrick
Runtime: 1h 30min
Release: 15 November 2020
IMDb: 4.5

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