After Masks (2021)

After Masks is a movie starring Mitchell Hoog, Krista Allen, and Eric Roberts. Journey through the human experience as the pandemic tests what we are made of both as individuals and as a culture.
Genres:  Drama
Actors:  Mitchell HoogKrista AllenEric RobertsEliza Roberts
Directors:  Tayo AmosCarmelo ChimeraJohn CrockettManaal KhanBrian McCulleyRebekah Wiggins
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Tayo AmosCarmelo ChimeraManaal KhanBrian McCulleyAshley SerraoLindsay SparksLindsay SparksRebekah WigginsRebekah WigginsRebekah Wiggins
Runtime: 105m
Release: 2021-05-18
IMDb: 5.3

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