All the Way (2016)

November 22, 1963. President John F. Kennedy has just been assassinated and Vice President Lyndon Johnson is now President. One of his first acts as President is to reaffirm the US government's intention to pass the Civil Rights Act. This Act was drafted while JFK was in office and gives people of all races the same rights, including voting rights, access to education and access to public facilities. However, he faces strong opposition to the bill, especially from within his own party. He will have to use all his political will and cunning to get it through.
Genres:  BiographyDramaHistory
Actors:  Bryan CranstonAnthony Mackie
Directors:  Jay Roach
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Robert SchenkkanRobert Schenkkan
Runtime: 2h 12min
Release: 2016-05-21
IMDb: 7.3

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