Baby Blues (2008)

With her husband gone and the stress of family life rising, Mom suffers a psychotic break due to postpartum depression that compels her to exterminate her children: ages 10,7,4, and 3 months. Now hope for the family's survival rests on the shoulder of Jimmy, the eldest son and surrogate man of the house. Using his wits and intricate knowledge of the farm, Jimmy must try to protect his siblings while fending off the woman he has always known and loved as his mother. Thus, it comes down to the most epic of battles, Mother vs. Son, in the most horrific of scenarios.
Genres:  DramaHorrorThriller
Actors:  Colleen PorchAiden KershRidge Canipe
Directors:  Lars JacobsonAmardeep Kaleka
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Lars Jacobson
Runtime: 1h 25min
Release: 5 August 2008
IMDb: 5.8

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