Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)

The continuing adventures of the barbers at Calvin's Barbershop. Gina, a stylist at the beauty shop next door, is now trying to cut in on his business. Calvin is again struggling to keep his father's shop and traditions alive--this time against urban developers looking to replace mom and pop establishments with name-brand chains. The world changes, but some things never go out of style--from current events and politics to relationships and love, you can still say anything you want at the barbershop.
Genres:  ComedyDrama
Actors:  Ice CubeCedric the EntertainerEve
Directors:  Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Mark BrownDon D. Scott
Runtime: 1h 46min
Release: 6 February 2004
IMDb: 5.8

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