Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)

All on his own, the kind widowed ruler, King Randolph, fears that his lively daughter, Princess Genevieve, and her eleven equally high-spirited sisters lack a mother figure. Intent on helping them transform into proper young ladies, the king enlists the help of his poor cousin, Duchess Rowena, to teach the girls a thing or two about manners and the royal etiquette. Instead, the cruel relative bans all singing and dancing in the palace; however, the girls discover a magical entrance to an enchanted world where everything is possible. Can the twelve dancing princesses save the kingdom with their late mother's gift?
Genres:  AnimationFamily
Actors:  Kelly SheridanCatherine O'HaraNicole Oliver
Directors:  Greg Richardson
Countries:  USACanada
Writers:  Elana LesserCliff Ruby
Runtime: 1h 23min
Release: 19 September 2006
IMDb: 6.7

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