Battle Royale (2000)

Forty-two students, three days, one deserted Island: welcome to Battle Royale. A group of ninth-grade students from a Japanese high school have been forced by legislation to compete in a Battle Royale. The students are sent off to kill each other in a no-holds-barred game to the death, until one survives -- or they all die. Some decide to play the game like the psychotic Kiriyama or the sexual Mitsuko, while others are trying to find a way to get off the Island without violence. However, as the numbers dwindle is there any way for Shuya and his classmates to survive?
Genres:  AdventureDramaSci-FiThriller
Actors:  Tatsuya FujiwaraAki MaedaTarô Yamamoto
Directors:  Kinji Fukasaku
Countries:  Japan
Writers:  Koushun TakamiKenta Fukasaku
Runtime: 1h 54min
Release: 16 December 2000
IMDb: 7.7

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