Broken Bridges (2006)

A military aircraft crash kills over a dozen Southern soldiers, including several from a small Southern town. The funeral draws several emigrated relatives home. Among them are fading country-singer Bo Price, absent father, and Angela Delton, workaholic 'single' mother of teenager Dixie Leigh, who can only be blackmail-lured along by permission to rejoin her Californian lover Kyle afterward. They're all confronted with each-other, their past and prospects, and bond after Leigh's shameless attitude misleads cocky local rascal Wyatt.
Genres:  DramaMusic
Actors:  Brian F. DurkinJason LeithRichard Tillman
Directors:  Steven Goldmann
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Cherie BennettJeff Gottesfeld
Runtime: 1h 45min
Release: 8 September 2006
IMDb: 6.1

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