Camp Nowhere (1994)

Morris "Mud" Himmel has a problem. His parents desperately want to send him away to summer camp. He hates going to summer camp, and would do anything to get out of it. Talking to his friends, he realises that they are all facing the same sentence: a boring summer camp. Together with his friends, he hatches a plan to trick all the parents into sending them to a camp of his own design, which would actually be a parent-free paradise. Blackmailing former drama teacher Dennis Van Welker into helping, they must convince the parents that the camp is genuine, and that they aren't allowed to visit...
Genres:  AdventureComedyFamily
Actors:  Jonathan JacksonChristopher Lloyd
Directors:  Jonathan Prince
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Andrew KurtzmanEliot Wald
Runtime: 1h 36min
Release: 1994-08-26
IMDb: 6

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