Cape Fear (1962)

Small-town lawyer Sam Bowden's life becomes torturous when Max Cady re-enters his life. Cady went to jail for 8 years after Bowden testified that Cady attacked a young woman. Now that Cady has been released, he begins to terrorize Bowden and his family, particularly targeting Bowden's daughter, Nancy. Initially, Cady uses his newfound knowledge of the law (learned in prison) to annoy the Bowdens, then poisons the family dog... Who's next ?
Genres:  DramaThriller
Actors:  Gregory PeckRobert Mitchum
Directors:  J. Lee Thompson
Countries:  USA
Writers:  John D. MacDonaldJames R. Webb
Runtime: 1h 46min
Release: 1962-04-12
IMDb: 7.8

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