Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)

At only thirteen years of age, Loretta Webb marries Doolittle Lynn and is soon responsible for a sizeable family. Loretta appears destined to a life of homemaking, but Doolittle recognises his wife's musical talent, and buys her a guitar as an anniversary present one year. At eighteen, the mother of four children and busy housewife still finds time to write and sing songs at small fairs and local honky-tonks. This gift sets Loretta Lynn on the gruelling, tumultuous path to superstardom and country music greatness.
Genres:  BiographyDramaMusicMusical
Actors:  Sissy SpacekTommy Lee JonesLevon Helm
Directors:  Michael Apted
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Thomas RickmanLoretta Lynn
Runtime: 2h 4min
Release: 7 March 1980
IMDb: 7.5

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