Cocktail (1988)

With dreams of becoming a successful businessman and even a millionaire, the ex-military man, Brian Flanagan, waits for his big break while serving drinks at a New York City tavern and studying for his degree. However, when the charismatic cynic and veteran bartender, Doug Coughlin, becomes the ambitious Brian's sage mentor, their chemistry combined with the flamboyant tricks behind the bar will soon yield fame and money until they decide to split ways. Eventually, as Flanagan struggles to raise money in Jamaica to open his own bar someday, he will fall hard for the striving waitress Jordan Mooney, while a wealthy fashion executive wants to take him back to Manhattan to live with her. Is there a future between Brian and Jordan?
Genres:  ComedyDramaRomance
Actors:  Tom CruiseBryan BrownElisabeth Shue
Directors:  Roger Donaldson
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Heywood Gould
Runtime: 1h 44min
Release: 29 July 1988
IMDb: 5.9

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