How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming (2019)

It's the festival of Snoggletog on New Berk, but Hiccup isn't feeling the holiday spirit. First, he misses his friend Toothless; second, he has just found out that his daughter Zephyr and his son Nuffink have found Stoick's old journals (written before Vikings and dragons became friends) and now believe that all dragons are dangerous and should be destroyed. To help him possibly change their minds, Astrid suggests reviving the old traditions of Snoggletog, including a play in which Stoick the Vast's memory will be honored and (perhaps) the children's minds changed. Meanwhile on the Hidden World island, Toothless, through the use of sand drawings, tells his three Night Light children about his best friend Hiccup, inspiring them to make a secret flight to New Berk to see for themselves.
Genres:  AnimationShortActionAdventureFamilyFantasy
Actors:  Jay BaruchelAmerica FerreraCraig Ferguson
Directors:  Tim Johnson
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Jonathan GroffJon Pollack
Runtime: 22min
Release: 3 December 2019
IMDb: 7.3

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