Infidel (2019)

An outspoken American journalist, Jim Caviezel, is kidnapped by the Iranian regime while giving talks in Cairo, Egypt. He is then taken to the Middle East and put on trial for erroneous charges. His wife, a State Department official, tries to use her influence to get the American government involved so that they get her husband back. But she soon realizes that the American government will not get involved. So, she is forced to go to the Middle East to search for him by herself.
Genres:  ActionAdventureThriller
Actors:  Jim CaviezelClaudia KarvanHal Ozsan
Directors:  Cyrus Nowrasteh
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Cyrus Nowrasteh
Runtime: 1h 48min
Release: 18 September 2020
IMDb: 6.7

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