Jack Walker (2021)

Once Jack Walker was Germany's greatest action star, the hero of countless Germanic martial arts and action adventures, women wanted him and men wanted to be him, the world was his for the taking and he was the King of the action genre, filling cinemas with his adventures onscreen and the tabloids with his adventures off-screen.But success can be a fickle mistress and over the years its turned its back on Jack, firstly his films began to stop playing in the cinema and his appearances in the papers was for the wrong reasons, he then became the King of Direct to Video, but the budgets have gotten smaller and his stardom has faded, not helped by his ego and eccentricities, and now he's not even the King of DTV, he's barely holding on to any title but "has been'.Now the studios no longer answer his calls, while he avoids calls from the people he owes money to, with his debts mounting and no better offer on the table, Jack reluctantly agrees to star in a low budget action comedy, its ...
Genres:  Action
Actors:  Stefan MorawietzDenis LyonsKathrin Höhne
Directors:  Tanay Genco Ulgen
Countries:  Germany
Writers:  Andreas UrraMathias Urra
Runtime: 1h 33min
Release: 30 April 2021
IMDb: 4.4

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