Killers (1996)

The James boys, two of America's most media-oriented killers, Odessa and Kyle have escaped from San Quentin's Death Row. In the midst of a fierce storm and pursued by law-enforcement officers, they find sanctuary by bursting in on and taking hostage the ideal American family, or so they think. After they discover that the daughters are two of their biggest fans, the mother isn't quite what she seems, and the father is perhaps more than their equal, the killers realize the cops are the least of their worries. And as the rain pours down and the dragnet moves closer, the question that emerges is, "Will the killers ever see the light of day?"
Genres:  ThrillerHorror
Actors:  Dave LarsenDavid GunnDamian Hoffer
Directors:  Mike Mendez
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Dave LarsenMike Mendez
Runtime: 1h 37min
IMDb: 5.6

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