Lantana (2001)

The intertwined stories of a loosely tied set of mostly emotionally damaged individuals in Sydney are told. Police detective Leon Zat and his wife Sonja Zat probably still love each other but have not stated to each other the problems that have invaded their marriage. Those problems not only affect their relationship, but also the way they parent their two teenage sons. Leon's single partner, Detective Claudia Weis, can probably most clearly see those problems, but is not equipped to be a good informal counselor to him in she considering the eye contact with another regular at the diner she frequents as being a somewhat committed relationship. A bundle of repressed emotions, Leon vents through mostly inappropriate acts of aggression, and having just embarked in an extramarital affair with Jane O'May, the recently separated woman in the same salsa dance class as him and Sonja. Jane initiated that separation from her husband, Pete O'May, in coming to the realization one day that she no ...
Genres:  DramaMysteryRomance
Actors:  Anthony LaPagliaGeoffrey RushRachael Blake
Directors:  Ray Lawrence
Countries:  AustraliaGermany
Writers:  Andrew BovellAndrew Bovell
Runtime: 2h 1min
Release: 8 March 2002
IMDb: 7.2

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