Life with Mikey (1993)

Michael Chapman was once a child television star. But when he grew up, he couldn't get work. So he and his brother, Ed start their own talent agency that specializes in child acts. They can't seem to find the next big thing, and they have to deal with another agency who's not above bribery to get the kids to sign with them. One day, Michael meets a girl named Angie and she's a real spitfire. Michael thinks she could be what they are looking for. Problem is, is that she has a big chip on her shoulder.
Genres:  ComedyFamily
Actors:  Michael J. FoxChristina VidalNathan Lane
Directors:  James Lapine
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Marc Lawrence
Runtime: 1h 31min
Release: 4 June 1993
IMDb: 5.6

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