Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave (2020)

It's summer again, and everyone's favorite Junior Rescuers, The Flounders, are back at Tower 2. With the International Junior Rescue Championships headed to Southern California, the eyes of the entire planet are on Malibu Beach. But when Team USA falls victim to a bout of food poisoning, it's up to Tyler, Dylan, Eric, Lizzie and Gina to represent their country in the world's most extreme lifeguard challenge.
Genres:  ActionAdventureComedyFamily
Actors:  Curtis ArmstrongCamaron EngelsJeremy Howard
Directors:  Savage Steve Holland
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Jed ElinoffSavage Steve Holland
Runtime: 1h 8min
Release: 4 August 2020
IMDb: 4.6

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