Michael (1996)

Frank Quinlan and Huey Driscoll, two reporters from a Chicago-based tabloid, along with Dorothy Winters, an 'angel expert', are asked to travel to rural Iowa to investigate a claim from an old woman that she shares her house with a real, live archangel named Michael. Upon arrival, they see that her claims are true - but Michael is not what they expected: he smokes, drinks beer, has a very active libido and has a rather colourful vocabulary. In fact, they would never believe it were it not for the two feathery wings protruding from his back. Michael agrees to travel to Chicago with the threesome, but what they don't realise is that the journey they are about to undertake will change their lives forever.
Genres:  ComedyDramaFantasy
Actors:  John TravoltaAndie MacDowellWilliam Hurt
Directors:  Nora Ephron
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Peter DexterJim Quinlan
Runtime: 1h 45min
Release: 25 December 1996
IMDb: 5.7

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