Midnight Cowboy (1969)

Texas greenhorn Joe Buck arrives in New York City for the first time. Preening himself as a real "hustler", he finds that he is the one getting "hustled" until he teams up with a down-and-out but resilient outcast named Ratso Rizzo. The initial "country cousin meets city cousin" relationship deepens. In their efforts to bilk a hostile world rebuffing them at every turn, this unlikely pair progress from partners in shady business to comrades. Each has found his first real friend.
Genres:  Drama
Actors:  Dustin HoffmanJon Voight
Directors:  John Schlesinger
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Waldo SaltJames Leo Herlihy
Runtime: 1h 53min
Release: 1969-06-16
IMDb: 7.9

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