Mr. Woodcock (2007)

Fatherless John Farley's youth frustration, even trauma, like many his school kids' in his Nebraska small town home, was the constant abuse and humiliation in sadistic Jasper Woodcock's gym class. After college, doting son John became a motivational bestseller author and returns during a book signing tour to receive the backwater's highest honor. To John's horror, his devoted mother Beverly announces her plans to marry the hated coach and he's to be celebrated on the same event as John. Only ridiculous fatso Nedderman and his strange brother try to help Farley stop Woodcock, but that keeps backfiring.
Genres:  ComedyRomanceSport
Actors:  Billy Bob ThorntonSeann William Scott
Directors:  Craig GillespieDavid Dobkin
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Michael CarnesJosh Gilbert
Runtime: 1h 27min
Release: 2007-09-14
IMDb: 5.2

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