Needful Things (1993)

Castle Rock, New England, is a nice place to live and grow and Sheriff Alan Pangborn moves from the big city to the town expecting a quiet life. When Leland Gaunt opens the store Needful Things, he seems to have the object of desire for each dweller. He charges small amounts to the things but requests a practical joke for each of them against another inhabitant. Soon hell breaks loose in town with deaths, violence and riot and Sheriff Pangborn discovers that Leland Gaunt is the devil himself. Further, Gaunt is manipulating the population like puppets exploring the weakness and greed of each person.
Genres:  CrimeDramaFantasyHorrorThriller
Actors:  Max von SydowEd HarrisBonnie Bedelia
Directors:  Fraser C. Heston
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Stephen KingW.D. Richter
Runtime: 2h
Release: 27 August 1993
IMDb: 6.3

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