P2 (2007)

A buxom businesswoman awakens to discover she's chained to a chair and held captive by a demented obsessed security guard in the parking garage of the office building where she works. Dazed and confused and swimming in dizziness the groggy vixen tries to shake off the Chloroform he clocked her with and become herself again. But when the guard suddenly unchains her he thrusts the still drugged beauty into a game of cat and mouse. Stripped of her business suit and reclad braless in a backless halter dress the stumbling executive must escape her crazy captor and parking level P2 or receive a deep whiff of Chloroform that stops her dead in her tracks and knocks the voluptuous bombshell flat on her bare back! Will the buxom beauty escape or become a slave to his chloroformed into unco
Genres:  CrimeHorrorThriller
Actors:  Rachel NicholsWes BentleySimon Reynolds
Directors:  Franck Khalfoun
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Alexandre AjaGrégory Levasseur
Runtime: 1h 38min
Release: 9 November 2007
IMDb: 5.9

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