Picture of Beauty (2017)

Franek is a talented art forger and painter who along with his loyal assistant Hazel - herself a talented artist - are commisioned by a glamorous madam to produce a piece for her brothel to hopefully drum up more business. Although his subjects at the brothel are beautiful, he yearns for more and calls upon his assistant to find more models. Stephanie, a beautiful and strong minded political activist who freshly expelled from university for her views answers the call and takes an instant liking to the shy painter. Her young friend Julia would be a perfect subject too, but she has recently been arrested for escaping the bonds of her cruel and much older husband, who just happens to be an influential police officer. The group literally (and metaphorically) free Julia meaning that Franek can hopefully complete what should be his masterpiece and hopefully find love for himself.
Genres:  DramaRomance
Actors:  Taylor SandsDanielle RosePawel Hajnos
Directors:  Maxim Ford
Countries:  UK
Writers:  Maxim Ford
Runtime: 1h 10min
Release: 2 April 2021
IMDb: 3.5

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