Race the Sun (1996)

Idealistic Sandra Beecher has just started working as a science teacher at Kona-Pali High School in Hawaii, being hired for this job despite her teaching background being in English. Her reason for taking the job is largely to run away from the mainland and a failed marriage. She finds that her students are an unmotivated lot, largely because there are low societal expectations of them, including from their parents and the school faculty. As such, she directs a handful of her most unmotivated students to attend a regional science fair at which there are no Kona-Pali displays to come up with their own science fair projects. An incident at the fair does spur one of her students, Daniel Webster, self-professed as not being good at most things but believing he is a good designer, to announce, with the support of his fellow students, that they want to build a solar powered car of his design as their project, and to enter that car in the upcoming Inter-island Race. American Corporate giant,...
Genres:  AdventureComedyDrama
Actors:  Halle BerryJim BelushiBill Hunter
Directors:  Charles T. Kanganis
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Barry Morrow
Runtime: 1h 40min
Release: 22 March 1996
IMDb: 5.4

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