Real Genius (1985)

Mitch Taylor is one of the youngest students ever accepted to a university known for its programs for geniuses. He partners up with his roommate, science club legend Chris Knight, on a project to develop a high-powered laser. Together with their hyperkinetic friends, they employ their intellects in the pursuit of bigger blasts, practical jokes, and a deeper understanding of what real genius means. When they find out that their professor intends to turn their work over to the military for use as a weapon, they decide to get even.
Genres:  ComedyRomanceSci-Fi
Actors:  Val KilmerGabriel JarretMichelle Meyrink
Directors:  Martha Coolidge
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Neal IsraelNeal Israel
Runtime: 1h 48min
Release: 7 August 1985
IMDb: 7

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