Safe Inside (2019)

A young American couple, Ana and Tom are traveling across France. They don't come from money, so when Richard hires them to work on his estate, it feels like a dream come true. In the following days, the dark secrets of the property and its owner start coming to light. One day Tom makes a discovery, which may be more than he can handle. Ana is forced to accept the truth, which will change her forever. Because the worst part isn't the dream itself. It's waking up.
Genres:  Thriller
Actors:  Joanna KuligSteven BrandAndrea Tivadar
Directors:  Renata Gabryjelska
Countries:  LuxembourgPoland
Writers:  Blazej DzikowskiRenata Gabryjelska
Runtime: 1h 42min
IMDb: 7.1

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