Sarafina! (1992)

As tentions of Apatheid spreads accross South Africa, many students revolts to massive stone throw, a demonstration that comes in a wake of the introduction of Afrikanas language as a means of teaching. This sparks riots among school age young people who have resolved to do what it takes for freedom to come tomorrow. In a township of Soweto, a group of students, led by a young beautiful and intelligent girl Sarafina, mastermind a plot to rise against the Apatheid regime by velmently rejecting the proposal to have Africanas as a medium of instruction and this angers the white people and results in a massive unrest of the students and those others supporting them. Mean while, Sarafina's mother accepts a job of a housekeeper in a white woman and somehow it angers Sarafina. Following the unrest of students and therd possible torture and trial, Sarafina is realesed from prison, reunites with some of the coleagues and composes a "Freedom is Coming Tomorrow" song.
Genres:  DramaMusical
Actors:  Whoopi GoldbergLeleti Khumalo
Directors:  Darrell Roodt
Countries:  South AfricaUKFranceUSA
Writers:  Mbongeni NgemaMbongeni Ngema
Runtime: 1h 57min
Release: 1992-09-25
IMDb: 6.4

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