Schemers (2019)

Davie (Conor Berry) is a dreamer from the council schemes, constantly hustling for his next buck, then losing it on the horses. After a football injury, Davie falls for trainee nurse Shona (Tara Lee) and tries to impress her by running a disco. Along with friends John and Scot, the trio start promoting bands - culminating in a hugely ambitious Iron Maiden gig at the Caird Hall, Dundee. With ambition so grand they go deep in debt with Fergie, a gangster of legendary violence. Davie needs to use every trick to pull off the biggest scheme of his life.
Genres:  ComedyCrimeDramaHistory
Actors:  Conor BerrySean ConnorGrant Robert Keelan
Directors:  Dave Mclean
Countries:  UK
Writers:  Dave McleanKhaled Spiewak
Runtime: 1h 31min
Release: 25 September 2020
IMDb: 5.5

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