Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998)

After years of unmasking fake ghosts, the Mystery Gang have separated and acquired new careers, including Daphne being a reporter. For her birthday, Fred invites the whole gang to join their trip to Louisiana for Daphne's television show. They have many adventures but every ghost is just a villain in a costume. They soon meet Lena Dupree, who takes them to Moonscar Island in the hopes to encounter a real ghost. Things soon become creepy and the gang find themselves caught between vicious werecats and zombies lead by the ghost of Moonscar the Pirate.
Genres:  AnimationAdventureComedyFamilyFantasyMystery
Actors:  Scott InnesBilly WestMary Kay Bergman
Directors:  Hiroshi AoyamaKazumi Fukushima
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Davis DoiGlenn Leopold
Runtime: 1h 17min
Release: 22 September 1998
IMDb: 7.8

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