Scrooge (1970)

In 1860, cranky old miser Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas; loathes people and defends the decrease of the surplus of poor population; runs his bank exploiting his employee Bob Cratchit and clients, giving a bitter treatment to his own nephew and acquaintances. However, on Christmas Eve, he is visited by the doomed ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley that tells him that three spirits would visit him that night. The first one, the spirit of Christmas Past, recalls his miserable youth when he lost his only love due to his greed; the spirit of Christmas Present shows him the poor situation of Bob's family and how joyful life may be; and the spirit of Christmas Future shows his fate. Scrooge finds that life is good and time is too short and suddenly you are not there anymore, changing his behavior toward Christmas, Bob, his nephew and people in general.
Genres:  DramaFamilyFantasyMusicalRomanceThriller
Actors:  Albert FinneyAlec Guinness
Directors:  Ronald Neame
Countries:  UK
Writers:  Charles DickensLeslie Bricusse
Runtime: 1h 53min
Release: 1970-12-19
IMDb: 7.5

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