Skateboard or Die (2018)

Mike, an easygoing military dropout is thrust into a hidden world of murder and assassination after running into his best friend Ed, after 10 years of thinking he was Killed In Action. In order to save Mike's fiancee Sarah and keep themselves alive, Mike and Ed must now work together as members of - The Hunters Club. 'The Hunters Club' is a gun toting, fist fighting, skateboarding, independent action flick, shot in Brisbane and the Gold Coast Qld, Australia.
Genres:  ActionComedyThriller
Actors:  Carmel RoseVincent B. GorceBrad McMurray
Directors:  Kit McDee
Countries:  Australia
Writers:  Dirk FoulgerKit McDee
Runtime: 1h 45min
Release: 1 June 2018
IMDb: 4.4

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