Spin Out (2016)

Billy and Lucy have grown up together in a small, close-knit Australian country town, where they form one of the town's most formidable Ute driving teams. When Billy takes one risky car stunt too far, Lucy declares she is moving to the city - sending Billy into a spin. Amid the mayhem of the town's annual "Bachelors and Spinsters" party, Billy only has one night to wake up to his true feelings for his best friend - or lose her forever. Spin Out is a fresh, feel-good comedy romance for the young and the young at heart.
Genres:  ComedyDramaRomance
Actors:  Xavier SamuelMorgan Griffin
Directors:  Tim FergusonMarc Gracie
Countries:  Australia
Writers:  Edwina ExtonTim Ferguson
Runtime: 1h 32min
Release: 2016-09-15
IMDb: 4.5

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