The Adventures of RoboRex (2014)

James Miller has only one friend in the world, his beloved Labrador Retriever, Rex. But when a strange capsule lands in the his backyard and a robot dog emerges, his life will never be the same. The robot dog identifies himself as RoboRex, and tells James that he has come from the future to stop an evil man named Professor Apocalypse from taking over the world, along with his wily robotic Destructo-Cat. Now with the help of Rex and RoboRex, James embarks on a heroic and heart warming adventure to save the future!
Genres:  FamilySci-Fi
Actors:  Ben BrowderKalvin StingerEthan Phillips
Directors:  Stephen Shimek
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Kristi ShimekStephen Shimek
Runtime: 1h 27min
Release: 17 October 2014
IMDb: 5

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