The Animal (2001)

From the producers of the comedy smash Deuce Bigalow comes The Animal, about a small, wimpy Marvin, who doesn't have what it takes to fulfill his lifelong dream to be a cop. But his luck changes when he's critically injured in a car accident and a deranged scientist secretly uses animal organs to rebuild him. Energized by his new parts, Marvin leaves his weakness behind and achieves instant fame as a supercop. Now a hero, life is going great for Marvin until his animal instincts start taking over his body at all the wrong times. Marvin struggles to remain civilized and be a perfect gentleman with his new love, Rianna in a series of hilarious situations that would drive any animal crazy.
Genres:  ComedySci-Fi
Actors:  Rob SchneiderColleen HaskellJohn C. McGinley
Directors:  Luke Greenfield
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Tom BradyTom Brady
Runtime: 1h 24min
Release: 1 June 2001
IMDb: 4.8

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