The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream (2008)

Rich, handsome, courteous Seattle golden boy Zack Conroy's figure skating partner Celeste Mercier is disabled for months in a training accident. Like their coach Bryan Hemmings, she insists he takes a temporary partner to go on to the national championship, his ticket to the world championship in Paris. Zach and his temper discard all candidates from the circuit, but after an alteration with an ice hockey amateur team he shares to ice with to train, he sets his mind on their only girl, taco joint daughter-waitress Alejandra 'Alex' Delgado. She's unacceptable to Hemmings, who dumps Zach and starts an affair with Celeste, whom he finds another partner. Zach and Alex's worlds keep clashing, but determination, her brother and another coach see them trough.
Genres:  ComedyDramaRomanceSport
Actors:  Matt LanterFrancia RaisaSarah Gadon
Directors:  Stuart Gillard
Countries:  USACanada
Writers:  Randall M. BadatSusan Estelle Jansen
Runtime: 1h 31min
Release: 16 March 2008
IMDb: 6.4

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