The Gauntlet (1977)

In Phoenix, the alcoholic and mediocre detective Ben Shockley is assigned by the Chief Commissary Blakelock to bring the witness Gus Mally from Las Vegas for a minor trial. Shockley travels to Vegas and finds that Gus Mally is an aggressive and intelligent prostitute with a college degree and she tells him that the odds are against her showing up in court. Shockley learns that she will actually testify against a powerful mobster and the mafia is chasing them trying to kill them both. He calls Blakelock and request a police escort from Phoenix to protect them. But soon he discovers that someone is betraying him in the police department. Now, Shockley and Malley hijack a bus and Shockley welds thick steel plates and transforms the cabin in an armored bus trying to reach the Forum. But they will need to drive through a gauntlet of police officers armed with heavy weapons.
Genres:  ActionCrimeThriller
Actors:  Clint EastwoodSondra LockePat Hingle
Directors:  Clint Eastwood
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Michael ButlerDennis Shryack
Runtime: 1h 49min
Release: 21 December 1977
IMDb: 6.4

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