The Gift (2015)

Simon and Robyn are a young married couple whose life is going just as planned until a chance encounter with an acquaintance from Simon's high school sends their world into a harrowing tailspin. Simon doesn't recognize Gordo at first, but after a series of uninvited encounters and mysterious gifts prove troubling, a horrifying secret from the past is uncovered after more than 20 years. As Robyn learns the unsettling truth about what happened between Simon and Gordo, she starts to question: how well do we really know the people closest to us, and are past bygones ever really bygones?
Genres:  MysteryThriller
Actors:  Jason BatemanRebecca Hall
Directors:  Joel Edgerton
Countries:  USAAustraliaChina
Writers:  Joel Edgerton
Runtime: 1h 48min
Release: 2015-08-07
IMDb: 7.1

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