The Holy Mountain (1973)

A Christlike figure wanders through bizarre, grotesque scenarios filled with religious and sacrilegious imagery. He meets a mystical guide who introduces him to seven wealthy and powerful people, each representing a planet in the Solar system. These seven, along with the protagonist, the guide and the guide's assistant, divest themselves of their worldly goods and form a group of nine who will seek the Holy Mountain, in order to displace the gods who live there and become immortal.
Genres:  AdventureDramaFantasy
Actors:  Alejandro JodorowskyHoracio SalinasZamira Saunders
Directors:  Alejandro Jodorowsky
Countries:  Mexico
Writers:  Alejandro Jodorowsky
Runtime: 1h 54min
Release: 11 July 1975
IMDb: 7.9

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