The Message (2020)

19-year-old Sophie Walker fights with her mom the day of her mom's death. Sophie is especially devastated because she wrote an apology and texted it but her mother never got the text. Sophie goes to a summer archery camp as a worker to try and recover from her loss. She is befriended by a group of girls and they invite her to join the archery team . As Sophie struggles to find peace she meets a mysterious man in the woods who just might be able to get Sophie's message to her mother.
Genres:  DramaFamily
Actors:  Chloe LukasiakTori KeethJennifer Aquino
Directors:  Timothy ArmstrongFernando De La Cruz
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Timothy Armstrong
Runtime: 1h 23min
Release: 21 August 2020
IMDb: 5.3

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