The Night Before Halloween (2016)

On the night before Halloween, seventeen year-old Megan and her group of friends are conned into taking part in a prank that accidentally lands their friend Beth in a coma. What Megan and the others don't realize is that their new friend Kyle was intentionally trying to rid himself of the Curse of the Carver: a curse that kills you on the night before Halloween unless you can trick someone into killing another person. One year later, Megan and her friends are brought back together and must fight for their lives against the Curse of the Carver.
Genres:  Horror
Actors:  Bailee MadisonJustin KellyJahmil French
Directors:  Sheldon Wilson
Countries:  Canada
Writers:  Sheldon Wilson
Runtime: 1h 30min
Release: 29 October 2016
IMDb: 4.3

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