The Perfect Host (2010)

Injured after committing a bank robbery, John Taylor is desperate to find a place to hide out and approaches the home of Warick Wilson. John manages to get himself invited into the house by posing as a friend of a friend and spinning a sob story of lost luggage and a violent mugging. Inside, Warick, a consummate host, is making the final preparations for an impeccable dinner party. He insists John stay for the party, but as the evening begins it becomes obvious Warick may not be what he first appears.
Genres:  ComedyCrimeThriller
Actors:  David Hyde PierceClayne Crawford
Directors:  Nick Tomnay
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Nick TomnayKrishna Jones
Runtime: 1h 33min
Release: 2011-05-07
IMDb: 6.8

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