The Prize (1963)

For some reason, this year's Nobel prize in literature has been awarded to the young author Andrew Craig, who seems to be more interested in women and drinking than writing. Another laureate is Dr. Max Stratman, the famous German-American physicist who comes to Stockholm for the award ceremony with his young and beautiful niece Emily. The Foreign Department also assigns him an assistant during his stay, Miss Andersson. Craig soon notices that Dr. Stratman is acting strangely. The second time they meet, Dr. Stratman does not even recognize him. Craig begins to investigate.
Genres:  CrimeDramaMysteryThriller
Actors:  Paul NewmanEdward G. RobinsonElke Sommer
Directors:  Mark Robson
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Ernest LehmanIrving Wallace
Runtime: 2h 14min
Release: 25 December 1963
IMDb: 6.8

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