The Tenant (1976)

In Paris, the shy bureaucrat Trelkovsky rents an old apartment without bathroom where the previous tenant, the Egyptologist Simone Choule, committed suicide. The unfriendly concierge (Shelley Winters) and the tough landlord Mr. Zy establish stringent rules of behavior and Trelkovsky feels ridden by his neighbors. Meanwhile he visits Simone in the hospital and befriends her girlfriend Stella. After the death of Simone, Trelkovsky feels obsessed for her and believes his landlord and neighbors are plotting a scheme to force him to also commit suicide.
Genres:  DramaThriller
Actors:  Roman PolanskiIsabelle AdjaniMelvyn Douglas
Directors:  Roman Polanski
Countries:  FranceUSA
Writers:  Roland ToporGérard Brach
Runtime: 2h 6min
Release: 26 May 1976
IMDb: 7.7

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