Timeline (2003)

In this case, a group of archaeologists and combat experts led by Paul Walker and Frances O'Connor use a "3-D fax machine" (so much for technobabble!) to time-travel back to France in 1357, in hopes of retrieving Walker's father and returning safely to the present. No such luck! Fending for themselves against marauding hordes of medieval French warriors at war with the invading British, these semi-intrepid travelers find their body count rising, and the deadline for their return home is rapidly approaching.
Genres:  ActionAdventureSci-Fi
Actors:  Paul WalkerGerard Butler
Directors:  Richard Donner
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Michael CrichtonJeff Maguire
Runtime: 1h 56min
Release: 2003-11-26
IMDb: 5.6

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