Trolled (2018)

Young Princess Cupcake yearns for adventure, but her father, King Basil, wants her to put her duties to her kingdom first. When the evil troll, Grunt, and powerful dragon, Scorch, team-up to topple the king with an evil spell, all hope appears lost - that is, until a little troll named Leaf, along with his best friend Bellyrumble, sets out on a perilous trek to save the imprisoned king, restore the fallen kingdom, and gain the love of the lonely princess.
Genres:  AnimationFamily
Actors:  Kj SchrockTina M. SchusterSarah Taylor
Directors:  Alex Sebastian
Countries:  USA
Writers:  BC Furtney
Runtime: 1h 32min
Release: 18 September 2018
IMDb: 2.8

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