Vitalina Varela (2019)

Vitalina Varela takes its title from the name of its lead actress, a Cape Verdean woman who, as per usual with Costa's non-professional actors, plays a fictionalized version of herself. Vitalina first appeared in an episode in the director's previous film, Horse Money (Wavelengths 2015), wherein she recounted how her husband had left their homeland nearly 25 years ago to work in Lisbon - a separation that became permanent when she finally arrived on the continent, three days after his funeral. In Vitalina Varela, Costa refracts and expands that episode to place us firmly within his heroine's stoic point of view, capturing her extraordinary strength and resilience as she navigates the scanty physical traces her husband left behind, discovers his secret, illicit life, and encounters the other lives that darken the shadows of the Fontainhas that once was.
Genres:  Drama
Actors:  Vitalina VarelaVenturaManuel Tavares Almeida
Directors:  Pedro Costa
Countries:  Portugal
Writers:  Pedro CostaVitalina Varela
Runtime: 2h 4min
Release: 21 February 2020
IMDb: 7

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