Waterloo (1970)

After defeating France and imprisoning Napoleon on Elba, ending two decades of war, Europe is shocked to find Napoleon has escaped and has caused the French Army to defect from the King back to him. The best of the British generals, the Duke of Wellington, beat Napolean's best generals in Spain and Portugal, but has never faced Napoleon. Wellington stands between Napoleon with a makeshift Anglo-Allied army and the Prussians. A Napoleon victory will plunge Europe back into a long term war. An allied victory could bring long term peace to Europe. The two meet at Waterloo where the fate of Europe will be decided.
Genres:  ActionBiographyDramaHistoryWar
Actors:  Rod SteigerChristopher PlummerOrson Welles
Directors:  Sergey Bondarchuk
Countries:  ItalySoviet Union
Writers:  H.A.L. CraigSergey Bondarchuk
Runtime: 2h 3min
Release: 29 October 1970
IMDb: 7.3

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